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How to Advertise Corporate Videos on Social Media Platform

Corporate video production is a comprehensible way that allows businesses to communicate information to their audience. Whether you want to announce any new products or services, training events or seminars, or other vital information about your company, a corporate or advertisement video can help you deliver the message in a pleasant and attention-grabbing way. 

Your customers are more likely to remember your message if it’s delivered through a video instead of traditional media like newspaper articles, radio, or print advertisements. It will also help you enhance your reach to the massive audience and develop credibility among customers. 

However, the success of your corporate advertisement or YouTube video production highly depends on your planning. Many corporate videos fail because companies do not put much effort into the planning process of the videos. This blog will guide you on effective planning for your corporate video and hiring an efficient video production company in Dubai. 

A corporate video is effective for all businesses and start-ups regardless of the business type; the only thing that counts is that the video production company you hire is versatile and able to provide the required corporate video. The Bilal Ismat video production company based in Dubai, offers a vast variety of creative corporate and advertisement videos. The types of corporate videos offered by Bilal Ismat include:

  • Travel films
  • Travel documentaries
  • Agriculture documentaries
  • NGO Fundraiser videos
  • Facebook Fundraiser videos or any kind of YouTube or Instagram advertisements
  • Event filming or Exhibitions, Conferences or Trade shows filming
  • Executive interviews
  • Event AV setup videos
  • Teaser or trailer videos
  • Promotional videos for your products and services
  •  360/VR videos or any Drone or Aerial cinematography 

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5 Tips for Planning For Corporate Video Production

Be Sure about the Basic Goal and Core Message of The Video.

The first step while planning for your corporate video is to set a goal and objective for your video. Before moving forward with the production, you must be sure of the core purpose and message you want to deliver through your video. If you wish to promote a product, create brand awareness, or gain customer loyalty, you must clearly define and understand your video‚Äôs primary aim. 

Have Thorough Research on Your Audience and Platform of Distribution

You may face many difficulties while creating an appealing corporate or advertisement video if you do not understand who your audience is, what they like, and how they think. Here are some tips to understand your audience:

  • Categorize your audience based on the type of your business, your message, and the content you are offering in your corporate videos.
  • Apart from the demographic information, it would be better to have a thorough insight into the preferences and needs of your audience.
  • Develop a strong buyer persona for your business and make sure to update your personas to include them into the most recent video research.
  • To develop a connection with your audience, collect their feedback and reviews and plan your advertisement video accordingly.

Before you start creating your corporate video you also need to be sure about where you want to broadcast it. You should thoroughly understand the important aspects of all digital distribution platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or any website. The features you need to consider about the social media platforms for corporate videos include the following:

  • The purpose and the audience
  • Video aspect ratios
  • Average view time

Check out this link for detailed guidance on the audiences and video aspect ratios for your corporate videos on different social media platforms.

Write a Basic Script For Your Video.

Before hiring a corporate videographer or a video production company and starting the production process, ensure you have a basic script for your video that indicates what message you want to deliver to your audience. A basic script will also help you hire an appropriate corporate video production company that understands your demands. 

Build an Effective Video Production Strategy 

A proper video production strategy includes planning all the basic requirements before hiring a corporate videographer or video production company.  

It includes:

  • How do you want to shoot your video, including your preferred location and video styles? 
  • How do you want to target your audience, and what will be your distribution sources? 
  • What are your budget and deadline? 

Finding the perfect videographer or video production company for your corporate video will be a lot easier if you have a sound video production strategy. 

Hiring the Best Video Production Team 

The paramount tip for creating the best corporate video is to hire a video production team for your corporate video or advertisement that suits your company’s requirements and understands your demands. 

Hiring a highly Professional Photographer in Dubai or videographer is not an easy task. Thousands of corporate video production companies with highly impressive portfolios provide advertisements and YouTube videos for businesses are available in the market, so choosing one among all of them could be a very challenging job. 

5 Qualities You Should Consider Before Hiring a Video Production Team

Here are some qualities to consider while hiring a corporate videographer or video production team that will help you to make the right choice.

  • Make sure that the company you choose for your corporate video production has substantial and valuable work experience in the industry. A videographer or producer with relevant expertise will undoubtedly understand your goal and deliver well-informed services for you. 
  • Feel free to ask about the technical details of the equipment and software for videography and editing the team is currently using. A team with up-to-date and appropriate tools is more likely to provide on-time and the best results. 
  • Be thoroughly aware of their previous work experiences, portfolio, website, or any online presence to ensure the quality of work they can deliver.
  • Make sure the video production team indicates professionalism through their way of communication and delivery of work. 
  • Lastly, you need to hire someone who can bring creativity and innovation to your advertisement videos. Make sure that the video production company you are hiring is not only offering a videographer but a storyteller as well. Storytellers are better than an ordinary videographer because they know that they are not just providing a product or a service, but a whole experience to your audience and use appropriate visual storytelling tools, color themes and camera angles to deliver the core message to the audience.

Why Hire Bilal Ismat For Your Corporate Videos?

Bilal Ismat is a Dubai-based content creator who has delivered innovative and appealing corporate advertisements and YouTube videos for clients across industries and sectors. With six years of vast experience in documentary and advertisement filmmaking, Bilal now runs a Creative Videographer in Dubai that offers advertisement videos for various business areas. Bilal also has excellent story telling skills learnt from his experience of making documentary films that help him to deliver the core message to the audience in an effective manner. Moreover, his theater background provides him the best aesthetic sense that will make your videos aesthetically pleasing as well.

If you are a business or a start-up based in Dubai and need to expand your market reach by delivering your message through creative corporate videos, feel free to contact us and see what we can do for you. 

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